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pig flooring

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  • Name: pig flooring
  • Shape: rectangle
  • Size: 805mm*640mm
  • Weight: 19kgs

Rectangle pig flooring is robust and refined aesthetic appearance.

We can adjust the size and weight according to different kinds of pigs,and guarantee the safety and comfort for the pigs.

This kind of pig flooring have enough flexibility and traction,can protect swine effectively.

Easy installation,easy use,easy cleaning.

The surface tension for production of melten iron forms no sharp edge,smooth edges can protect the hog from damage to teats, feet or knees. It can also be used to ox,rabbit,and other animals.

Can easy clean up the excrement of piglets to sows and dirty water in the farms.

Typical Applications---

  Pig floor
  Cattle floor
  Rabbit floor
  Dog floor
  Bird floor
  Animal floor

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